Angtiria Dathi Forest Region

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Eradain Continent Hex and Region Map
Eradain Region 9

This is a region within Angtiria.


Geographic Features



  • The Iscal Ocean
    • Bay Of Tears - The Bay of Tears is so named due to the number of ships that have wrecked themselves seeking a safe harbor.
    • The Mouth
    • The Chute
    • Lasharils Bay
    • Breaker Bay
    • The Jagged Coast
    • The Sorrows
    • Kerith’s Rock
    • Serpent’s Isle
    • Sea Hag’s Maw
    • Bully Brothers Isles


Forests, Fens, Swamps



Cities and Towns

Dathi Forest Region with Angharad Clans
Settlement Name Settlement Size Settlement Occupants (rank)
Adanas Average City Avanoel Elves
Argenton Average Town House Runiver - Clan Owan (9)
Ceirin Average Town House Raetha - Clan Fionn (7)
Ceirin - Brin Small Village Clan Fionn
Ceirin - Carumyr Large Village Clan Fionn
Ceirin - Pron Average Village Clan Fionn
Ceirin - The Four Winds Large Thorp Clan Fionn
Feylin Large Town House Umirelle - Clan Atheon (10)
Gwindnyr Average Town House Tiran - Clan Mabryn (6)
Menerthil Large Town Avanoel Elves
Rhyas Small Town Independent Clan Maenan
Rian Small Town Avanoel Elves
Rinillor Average Town Avanoel Elves
Sirona Average Town Pirate Haven
Templeton Large Town House Raetha - Clan Halewen (Q)
Tarin Small City House Umirelle - Clan Saedry (K)
Weisand Small Town House Runiver - Clan Moryan (5)
Wynderi Average Town House Umirelle - Clan Heth (8)

Other Settlements

  • Fort Cam - Average Fort - Angharad Coalition
  • Crosswatch - Stronghold - Angharad Coalition
  • Firewatch - Small Fort - Angharad Coalition
  • Silferd - Small Village - Umrielle
  • Bend - Small Settlement
  • Liar’s Rest - Small Settlement
  • Gwles - Average Village - House Umirelle - Clan Saedry (K)
  • Essan - Large Village - Independent Angharad Clan Dunrain (3)
  • Wynding Ferry - Average Village - House Umirelle - Clan Heth (8)
  • Cerdwigg - Large Village - House Tiran - Clan Mabryn (6)
  • Twynoch - Ruins

Locations of Interest

  • The Old North Road - The Old North Road is built on the remains of an Ancient’s roadway between Crosswatch and Weisand. Despite the advantage of the still good roadway, the surrounding forest is dangerous and at least one troll haunts the area. The road is rarely used except for occasional armed merchants, bandits, smugglers and the occasional patrol from Fort Cam or Weisand. Most casual travelers prefer to use the river route despite the extra time required.
  • The Yew of Ross / Lost Temple of Selene
  • The Ash of Dathi / Sun Temple of Lugh
  • The Oak of Mughna / Lost Temple of Silvanus



  • Angharad
    • Independent Clan Angharad
    • House Runiver - Clan Owan (9)
    • House Runiver - Clan Moryan (5)
    • House Raetha - Clan Halewen (Q)
    • House Raetha - Clan Fionn (7)
    • House Umirelle - Clan Saedry (K)
    • House Umirelle - Clan Atheon (10)
    • House Umirelle - Clan Heth (8)
    • House Tiran - Clan Mabryn (6)
  • Picts



  • Goblinoids
    • Serpent’s Eye Goblins
    • Jagged Spear Goblins
    • Krissblade Goblins
    • Gloom Mist Goblins

Flora and Fauna

Under Construction