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List of creatures encountered in Eradain. Information presented here is based on Pathfinder rules. Entries here are useful or relevant differences from what is contained in monster manuals.


There no longer seems to be Dragons but Eradain has a large variety of Drakes, beasts of low intelligence (but may possess a high degree of predatory cunning). Drakes of Eradain are reptilian, normally six limbed, with a tail, have adopted to a wide range of environments, and grow as they age. Their 'extra' limbs seem to be adaptable to their environment or hunting methodology and while typically they have claws, they may also have wings, pincers, whips, etc. In settled lands their populations are kept down and Drake hunting can be a pastime for the nobility. However, in more remote regions, Elder Drakes can grow to frightening size and power. Periodically these creatures hatch together or gather in rages (all in the same age/size category).

  • River - Similar to a large crocodile.
  • River, Elder - Similar to a large crocodile with advanced template.
  • Forest - Similar to a raptor.
  • Forest, Elder - Similar to a raptor with advanced template.
  • Underdrake - Similar to a basilisk without gaze attack.
  • Flying - Similar to a wyvern without poison sting.

Fomor or Foulspawn

These are normal or monstrous creatures that have been corrupted and turned into abominations with the Foulspawn template.


Humans come in a variety of types and most possess levels in NPC Commoner class or other NPC classes. Below is a listing of typical humans from different Realms and Cultures

  • Angharad (fairly typical of any standard humans)
    • Militia (NPC Commoner - Gear: Padded armor, light shield, shortspear, dagger, sling. Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude. Skills: Local, Craft, +1 additional skill (typically Knowledge (local)).
    • Warriors (NPC Warriors) - Gear: Leather Armor, light hield, shortspear, dagger, shortbow. Feats: Toughness, Lightning Reflexes. Skills: Ride, Profession Soldier, +1 additional skill (typically Knowledge (local)).
    • Clan Warriors (NPC Aristocrat) - Gear: Chainmail, heavy shield, longsword, longbow. Feats: Weapon Focus (longsword), Knowledge (Nobility), +10 additional.
    • Clan Adepts (NPC Adepts) - Gear: Staff, shortspear, dagger. Feats: Eschew Materials, (typically Brew Potion/Scribe Scroll). Skills: Heal, (Craft/Profession), Heal, +2 additional.
  • Picts (typically NPC Warriors and Barbarians, with Adept or Druid shaman)
    • Nathair (People of the Drake or People of the Snake) - Have tamed forest drakes.
    • Acail (People of the Eagle) - Have tamed giant eagles.
    • Carraigscrath Picts (The Stone Shadow) - Have Witch/Warlock Class Leaders.
    • Cranndorcha (The Dark Tree) - Have malevolent fey allies.
    • Gearan (The Fangs) - Have werewolf-like abilities.



  • Serpent’s Eye Goblins - Have reptilian characteristics such as coloration, eyes, or scales. Have low light vision (not darkvision) and they have light sensitivity. Serpent archers have poison arrows that cause fatigue. Are led by Serpent's Eye Hobgoblins.
  • Jagged Spear Goblins - Have blue skin and black tattoos. Use javelins. Are led by Jagged Spear Hobgoblins.
  • Krissblade Goblins - Have ochre & brown coloration. Use kriss bladed shortswords and tanglefoot bags. Ride giant spiders. Cave Fisher Guardians?
  • Gloom Mist Goblins - Dusky skinned, with camouflage clothing. Stealth specialists with rogue class.
  • Serpent's Eye Hobgoblins - Have reptilian characteristics such as coloration, eyes, or scales. Leaders have extreme characteristics such as snake heads (most common) or other limbs such as arms or a snake body in place of legs. They have elite warriors filling roles such as shield bearers (tower shields and toughness) backed by glaive bearers in the back rank. They lead the Serpent's Eye Goblins.
  • Jagged Spear Hobgoblins - Have blue skin and black tattoos (density and number of tattoos represent rank). They have lightning based sorcerers (blue dragon bloodline) and craft javelins of lightning.

Forest bugbears are more solitary than other goblinoids, are typically rangers, can track, and prefer stealth and ambush tactics. They frequently are hired as mercenaries by hobgoblins.


Gnolls of Eradain are actually a variation of Goblinoid. Forest Gnolls use stats for Flinds and have composite longbows instead of flind-bars. There are other variations adopted for different environments.


Various tribes yet to be detailed.

Hurloon Minotaur

See Hurloon Minotaur under Peoples.


  • Nightcrawlers - This unique tribe of deep Underdark troglodytes have the shadow template and are known for having Underdark rangers with Darkmantle as animal companions and cleric necromancers.


  • "Beatha Na Fir" (the Eater of Men) - Restless dead found at the Lost Temple of Silvanus (see Blood Druids).

Fey or Fae

Some traditional Fey creatures exist within Eradain. Concentrated in areas of rugged natural beauty, there are dryads, satyr and similar creatures. Very few interact with non-fey but sometimes do with Elves or Priests of Pan. There are places where more powerful Fae beings exist, frequently as insubstantial visions. But at times when certain forces are in alignment, they appear physically. The Fae have a morality code and laws which are totally alien to Eradain cultures and relationships with them are frequently violent. A decent representation of these Fae might be the creatures from Pan's Labyrinth or the elves in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.


A variation of the standard cloaker with ability to cast darkness. These creatures live bat-like in desolate regions and raid