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Thanks To

Special thanks need to go out to friends who have assisted in the creation of Eradain:

Drake a.k.a. Dyscord, who learned HTML and began the first of our game oriented web sites for the Dark Castle MUD clan the Smoke Jaguars. His example led me to brave the world of HTML and my old index page was almost an exact duplicate of the first Black Legion web site for Ultima Online which he created. Many of the graphics that grace these pages are thanks to his efforts.

Tony a.k.a. Berek, the ranger/magic-user from hell and nightmare of all DM's. Berek has the ability not only to out think the opponents DM has created but often the DM as well *grin* I have spent many long hours gaming with Berek and look forward to having my lovingly crafted villains fall beneath his sword and spells in Neverwinter Nights. I do not remember Berek ever being defeated....but beware....the vision you saw at the Well of Dreams may yet come to pass....

Ron a.k.a. The DM, an amazing storyteller is about all I can say. What I have for detail (the nuts and bolts of it) he has for plot line and story. With catch-phrase of "wing it" he crafted many a night of fun for my first long term D&D campaign and has set a standard I still try to follow.

Allen a.k.a. Garth, my brother, who suffered through my first attempts at being a DM. We learned and grew a lot while trying out this new thing called a role playing game. I think that it helped make a bond between us that makes us good friends as well as family. I'm glad for the online games that allow us to spend so much time doing things together even though we are many miles apart...

Carrie, a.k.a. Noctem, my wife, who puts up with my obsessive hobbies and acts as sounding board for many of my ideas. I travel through a world of adventure in my mind and she brings to me of all the real life adventures I might otherwise miss...I look forward to adventuring with her, real or imaginary till the end of days...