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Player character from the Adventures of Thorn campaign.

Elonan's History (written by Elonan)

I awoke to singing, I knew what was happening, and I could picture it all in my mind. The village elders, gathered around the funeral pyre, the rest of the village behind them, heart raised in song. And in the middle, my master Menua De' Dannan. Tears come unbidden to my eyes, for Menua has been my Teacher, Father, and only friend for the past seven years. My life here is now ended. Another lies before me, something that I am getting used to, for I have been through this before. Seven years ago I was essentially dropped into Menua's lap, being recently orphaned by my father and his brave streak. My mother had died when I was but a baby, and my father, having always been filled with a wanderlust, decided that he could raise me just as well on the road as in a home, so off we went. I must say that looking back on it now, it was an educational experience. An adventure it certainly was, moving from town to town performing odd jobs, being a hired hand, or most often acting as a ccaravan guard, for various merchants. We traveled for and wide; at least at the time I thought that it certainly was, roaming the country, my father instructing me in the ways of the land. Then one day all that came to an end. We had signed on with a caravan, my father being the hired sword for protection, and myself along to tend the horses and other beasts of burden as usual. About half way through the journey we were set upon by a small band of brigands. They were not many but my father and the only other fighter in the group were outnumbered. I think back on it now, as it were yesterday, my father charging out to meet the bandits. I saw him cut down five of the scum before an arrow pierced his heart and he fel dead upon that spot. The other two remaining had no stomach for the killing I guess for they ran, quickly back into the forest. As per the instructions of my father his body was burned, and I was to be delivered to Orlane and my now dead master Menua De' Dannan. A chapter in my life was ended and another began on that day.

Menua seemed glad to see me, but I should no know why, he almost seemed as if he knew me. From that day forward my life changed drastically, from one of adventuring, being a nomad, traveling from place to place, to one of solitude and quiet study. For Menua was a master of the arcane arts, and now as I was his nephew (another revelation that surprised me) he was going to teach me the art. Then long hard study, many years of it, but Menua always seemed pleased with my progress. He said over and over that I was an extremely apt pupil, and that he was glad that the skills and talents for this art I did inherit from my mother. After four years of Menua's teachings he presented me with a gift, a ring. A rather ordinary looking ring, just a plain silver band, but Menua said that I was now ready to possess magical items, and that this would be my first. During my time with Menua he showed me both fantastic and horrible things. I think that he did that on purpose, for inevitably my mouth would drop open, and then I would get a sharp rap on the head for losing concentration. Menua always stressed that concentration was the key. Never become excited or lose your concentration he explained. A wrong gesture or misspoken word could be disastrous. For four more years I continued my teachings with Menua, listening to his every word, always hungry for more knowledge, for the key that would unlock the mystical arts.

Then yesterday came. I was sent out into the forest by Menua to look for spell components to replenish his supply. I knew the trip would take the days, so I just packed what food I needed for the day and borrowed Menua's cloak, and set off into the forest. The air was cold, but not too cold. I could smell the last nights rain in the forest, it was so clean, pure smelling. I gathered the components that Menua requested all day, filling the sacks that I brought with me, until I had all that I could carry. I then started back. It was now approaching dusk and getting a bid colder. I knew that I should not have stayed away this long, but hopefully Menua would be pleased with the amount and quality of the herbs that I was returning with. About a mile from the village I noticed a stgrange glow coming from the village, now it was dark enough and the forest was thinning enough. There was a fire in the village, dropping my bundles of herbs I run to the village fearing and almost expecting the worst, only now remembering that Menua had said he was going to be experimenting while I was gone.

And now it is today, yet another chapter in my life closed, the burned out husk of my master's tower behind me, and only my clothes on my back, the ring Menua had given me years before and the cloak of Menua's that I had borrowed for the trip. But again another chapter awaits me for I have decided to join the Black Legion, a mercenary company of some renown. A couple of days past a few members of the company came and talked to Menua, I know not for what, he said they were merely seeking information. But after they left he told me all about the famed company and their history, or at least what he knew of it.

So that is where I depart today, I seek to join with the, and hopefully they will be able to enhance my training, or at least aid me in return for my service. A mage without spells is not much of a mage at all.

(DM notes: 15 when father died, 8 years with Menua, 1 year with the Black Legion, Elonan is now 25 years old)