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Clan Fionn Heraldry

Time Period: Circa Burning 82

Clan Fionn History

NOTE: The years of these events may change as the history timeline is modified and expanded.

Clan Fionn originated year -525- of the Nations of the Harad, when the legendary hero Fionn the Fox was granted lands by Queen Lilonna of House Raetha for his deeds of heroism.

Fionn was a legendary adventurer who rescued Sebrylla, a daughter of Queen Lilonna from goblins. Fionn and Sebrylla were married and she became Queen Sebrylla Fionn, first queen of the clan. At the marriage of Fionn and Sebrylla, a priestess of Selene, a seeress uttered a prophesy that so long as a daughter of the blood reigned as Queen, Fionn would prosper (the exact words of the prophesy have been lost for decades).

Fionn the Fox called upon his loyal followers and created a holding at Twynoch near the headwaters of the Sinann River in the shadow of the Jagged Peaks. The settlement of Rhan Fionn grew and prospered and over time Sebrylla's daughter Nydda followed and in turn her daughter Nolla. At the end of her life, Nolla had no daughters of magical blood to follow her, and so a foster to the sept named Saella was chosen by the clan elders as the 4th Queen of the clan.

During Queen Saella's reign, troubles came to Twynoch and Rhan Fionn, as goblin aggression increased steadily. Over the first decade of Queen Saella's rule Clan Fionn was driven from their mines in the mountains and Twynoch became a fortress against goblin raids and a forward base for Angharad forces. Finally aggression turned in to outright war and goblin armies issued out of the mountains and began destroying Angharad towns and villages throughout the western Dathi Forest and in -608- the Second Goblin Wars began.

Twynoch held out for almost another two years until a pair of giants came down out of the mountains, backed by hordes of goblins and their hobgoblin masters. Queen Saella and an Angharad army composed mostly of Clan Fionn and Fianna warriors fought a rear-guard action within the town itself after the walls were breached. They fought from building to building keeping the goblins occupied and away from the docks while the bulk of the people of the town fled on boats downriver to Gwindnyr and then eastward through the Dathi Forest and the Cynon Hills. During the final hours of the battle before the town was overrun a great hero of the Fianna named Braen fell while slaying one of the giants.

Leading the refugees was the new 5th Queen of Clan Fionn, Neniver a descendant of Fionn and Sebrylla, who would be called Neniver the Great by the time of her death.

At the time of the loss of Twynoch, Neniver was a young woman and untried, but she was steady and she bravely led her people into exile from their lands. Clan Mabryn of Gwindnyr welcomed the Fionn refugees, but their town too was under periodic siege by the goblin forces, so soon Neniver organized another flotilla to take her people further east downriver to a new small village named Ceirin under Clan Moryan of House Runiver. There Neniver secured a bond of manrent with Clan Moryan (a pledge to serve another clan in return for protection, effectively becoming vassals of Clan Moryan). The survivors of Clan Fionn then inhabited Ceirin and began to rebuild their lives while doing their best to support the war effort against the goblins.

After three years in -611- the Second Goblin Wars puttered to an end. The goblin alliance that led to the war fell apart and the goblin tribes once again fell to squabbling among themselves. Weary of fighting and the prospect of assaulting their lairs in the mountains and amid dire portents being foretold by the seers, the Angharad did not press the conflict with the goblins. The former Fionn town Twynoch remained a goblin and giant infested ruin.

The dire portents foretold by the seers hold true and in -612- The Black Death appears in the great Sarharad city of Gilad. The plague quickly spreads and within a few years most of the continent is affected. As much as a quarter of the human population is lost by the time it passes. With the loss of population, Clan Moryan abandoned its holdings in Ceirin to consolidate in their ancestral lands in Weisand leaving the village almost entirely in the hands of their vassals Clan Fionn.

Over the next decade Neniver continued to guide her people during these hard times and unlike other clans, she actively recruited peoples unsettled from the Goblin Wars and the plague, welcoming new people into their lands and clan. At the end of the plague years the population of the territory was actually higher than at the end of the Wars. Over the next decade Clan Moryan began to abuse its position over Clan Fionn. Fionn was called on several times to provide fighting forces in Moryan conflicts, where they were ill-used, resulting in higher casualties than there should have been among the Fionn. In addition, the vassalage tithes and other land use fees were raised several times. Neniver attempted to renegotiate the bond but Moryan was reluctant to give up its favorable terms.

Finally in -622- Moryan attempted to confiscate properties in Ceirin, which had been rapidly turning into a small town under Neniver's leadership. Fighting broke out between Fionn and Moryan which quickly escalated into a general Clan war. After months of conflict and raids back and forth, Moryan called on its allies in House Runiver, and Fionn did the same brokering a deal to rejoin with House Raetha. Moryan called Fionn oathbreakers and Fionn claimed that Moryan had failed their bond duties as stewards.

Clan Fionn Queens and History

1ST Sebrylla 21 Nations 525 Formation of Clan Fionn created in the name of Fionn the Fox, hero of the Angharad. Beginning of the reign of Queen Sebrylla 1st Queen of Clan Fionn
2ND Nydda 29 Nations 546 DEATH OF Sebrylla 1st QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 21 years)

Beginning of the reign of Nydda 2nd Queen of Clan Fionn
Direct bloodline

3RD Nolla 21 Nations 575 DEATH OF Nydda 2nd QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 29 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Nolla Fionn 3rd Queen of Clan Fionn
Direct bloodline
Goblin troubles began.

4TH Saella 14 Nations 596 DEATH OF Nolla 3rd QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 21 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Saella Fionn 4th Queen of Clan Fionn
Not of the direct Fionn/Sebrylla bloodline.
Goblin troubles escalated for a decade.
Fionn were driven from their mines in the mountain and Tynoch became a fortress, a forward base for the Angharad. Full war came and with it two giants who breached the walls. Saella fought a rear guard action while the people were evacuated.

5TH Neniver ("The Great") 41 Nations 610 DEATH OF Saella FIONN 4th QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 14 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Neniver Fionn ("The Great") 5th Queen of Clan Fionn
Direct bloodline
Neniver lead the refugees of Fionn, first to Gwindnyr, but then further down river to a small village named Ceirin under Clan Moryan. She secured a bond of manrent with Clan Moryan. During the plague years she recruited the displaced (despite the fear of plague) and Ceirin grew. Moryan retreated to Weisand. Moryan (according to Fionn) abused its position as senior, more and more heavily taxing the Fionn and using (and wasting) Fionn in conflicts, until Neniver realized that Fionn was the stronger. Neniver attempted to re-negotiate the bond, but Moryan was reluctant to give it up. Finally, the dispute broke out in the bloodshed and after months of conflict each House stepped in and settled the dispute by breaking the manrent and granting Fionn the lands it was settled in, but Fionn had to pay a wergild debt to Moryan for those lands. Moryan calls Fionn untrustworthy and oathbreakers. The Fionn calls Moryan greedy tyrants.

6TH Alangwen 18 Burning 20 DEATH OF Neniver FIONN "The Great" 5th QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 36 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Alangwen Fionn 6thQueen of Clan Fionn
Direct bloodline.
Alangwen restored some of the broken relationship between Fionn and Moryan and raiding and conflict between the two clans declined.

7TH Lura 12 Burning 38 DEATH OF Alangwen FIONN 6th QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 18 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Lura Fionn 7th Queen of Clan Fionn
Direct bloodline
Lura was not as capable as the previous two queens. The wergild debt remained static.

8TH Elorka 31 Burning 50 DEATH OF LURA FIONN 7th QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 12 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Elorka Fionn 8th Queen of Clan Fionn
Fionn prospers during this time, but not due to the skills of the queen. The wergild debt is reduced, but not by as much as originally planned in the agreement. Terms are re-negotiated and other debt is incurred to pay Moryan.

9TH Reanna 1... Burning 81 DEATH OF ELORKA FIONN 8th QUEEN OF CLAN FIONN (reigned 31 years)

Beginning of the reign of Queen Reanna 9th Queen of Clan Fionn

Clan Fionn Leadership Summary

Clan Fionn Heraldry:
Clan Fionn Heraldry

Primary Leader of the Clan

Queen's Heir
N/A Two weak adept cousins (of Reanna's mother's deceased brothers). They are as 'air-headed' as Reanna.
Manages Queen's Household

Ensures will of the clan is represented

MERODDA(A1/E1) Merodda is the aged aunt of Queen Reanna.
SALONNA(A1) Salonna is a cousin of Queen Reanna.

Leads clan defenses and city guard.

VAEMYR(A3) Clan Elder Vaemyr is also Baliff of Ceirin.
NYSSA(A1/W2) Nyssa is Elder Donry's daughter
ADDRIN(A1/W2) Addrin is Vaemyr's eldest daughter.
4 (various)

Oversees external relations

(SEOR (B2))
Seor is not from Clan Fionn, but has gained this position through his relationship with the Queen.
There are four Heralds who are the primary messengers between Rhan Fionn and Queen Reanna in Tilith. They also serve by delivering official messages to other Clans, etc.

Guides clan's religious needs and growth

KEEDON (C3) Keedon is the High Priest of Rhan Fionn serving at the main temple of Ceirin. Keedon is a priestess of Dana.
GLLUCAN (C3) Gllucan is the elderly priest heading the secondary temple in Ceirin. He is a priest of Lugh.

Clan's advisor on magical matters and guides clan's higher learning.

(SEOR (B2))
Seor is nominally filling thos role.

Organizes tax collection and manages treasury.

SYLLA (E1) Sylla is daughter of Clan Elder ?. Sylla actually just does some accounting and Councilor Merodda is managing the treasury.
4 (A1) The tax collector duties are performed by the son's and daughters of other Clan Elders.
Clan Fionn Family Holdings

Fionn Clanhold Gazetteer

  • Ceirin
    • Average Town of approximately 1500-3000 people
    • 1-Sept Family – Queen Reanna of Sept Fionn
    • 4-Strong Fionn Family - Vaemyr (Factor/Wholesaler)
    • 5-Strong Fionn Family - Garm (Livestock/Sheep/Wool)
    • 6-Strong Fionn Family - Donry (Orchards/Cider)
    • 10-11-12 Yeoman Families - Artan, Adogan, Lyniver
    • 15-Yeoman Family - Keedon
  • Ceirin Ferry
    • Small Thorp of approximately 10 people
    • 9-Yeoman Family - Elder Thomin
  • Ceirin Crossing
    • Small Thorp of approximately 10 people
    • 16-Yeoman Family - Yardowen
  • Carumyr
    • Average Village of approximately 300 people. Contains an important mill for the Clanhold.
    • 2-Strong Fionn Family – Elder Laithan Fionn (Gentleman Farmer)
    • 13-Yeoman Family - Tullyn
    • 14-Yeoman Family - Walia
  • Pron
    • Small Village of approximately 150 people
    • 3-Strong Fionn Family - Pendald (Gentleman Farmer)
    • 14-Yeoman Family - Walia (Gentleman Farmer)
    • 17-Yeoman Family - Salia (Gentleman Farmer)
  • Brin
    • Large Thorp of approximately 50 people
    • 7-Yeoman Family - Trenvid (Gentleman Farmer)
  • The Four Winds
    • Average Thorp of approximately 30 people
    • 8-Yeoman Family - Kene (Gentlewoman Farmer)
  • Guard Towers
    • The North and East Guard Towers are small wooden stockades
  • Sinann River
  • Silver River

Angharad Clan Fionn Elder Families

Elder Reanna

Elder and Lands Household
Queen Reanna (F, Ar1/So1)

Lands: 50 hexes, Ceirin estate, Ceirin lands, Tilith estate

Aunt Merodda (F, Ar1/Ex1) Clan Councilor

Cousin Salona (F, Ar1) Clan Secretary, courtier
Cousin Mae (F, Ar1/Ad1) Potential heir, courtier
Cousin Myleri (F, Ar1/Ad1) Potential heir, courtier
Cousin (M, Ar1) courtier
Uncle (M, Ar1) courtier
Uncle (M, Ar1) courtier

Clan Fionn Sept Family (Rank #1 Strong) Attitude - Sept Supporter

Queen Reanna Fionn of House Raetha

Quote: "That ball last week was divine! I simply must have those entertainers at my party next week."

Description: Reanna has red hair and green eyes of the Fionn bloodline. She is always dressed in the highest of Tilith fasion. Her expression can pass,quickly from glee to poutiness and due to her beauty many seek to fulfill her every whim.

Background: Reanna is the spoiled daughter of the previous Queen who passed away suddenly last year (Burning 81). She does not have a grasp of the real economics of her Clan and has been spending the treasury unwisely on "important" things like appearances and parties. She does think that she will be able to win a consort from one of the more powerful Raetha House Clans.

Elder Laithan

Elder and Lands Household
Elder Laithan (M, Ar2/Ex1)

Lands: 35 hexes, Ceirin lands, Carumyr Village
Farming, Milling

Niece Eitaen (F, Ar1/Ex1) Laithan's heir A solid non-nonsense personality.
Clan Elder Family (Rank #4 Strong) Attitude - Disgruntled

Elder Laithan Fionn

Quote: "I have a feeling the Clan is in for difficult times."

Description: Laithan is a gray-haired and tough looking older gentleman farmer. He is a veteran of goblin conflicts of the past and you can see some old faded scars on his neck. He dresses conservatively in good quality clothing, which is usually dirty from his hands on approach to managing his lands. He is an excellent manager and Carumyr and the Clan have prospered under his guidance.

Background: Laithan manages the village of Carumyr which has primary mills for Clan Fionn.

Notes: Laithan is leader of the "opposition" and currently out of favor with the Sept. He is looking to make allies and improve the weaknesses he sees with the current Queen's policies.

Laithan knows that trouble is brewing with Queen Reanna and is very concerned that there is no Tanist. He realizes that Queen Reanna wants to wait until a daughter of her own is old enough, but the succession must be secured now... He is planning a 'coup' of sorts in trying to get a candidate of his choice (non-spoiled) selected as Tanist, but the majority of the Clan Fionn Elders are firmly behind the Sept, due to the Prophesy and tradition. Laithan has been seeking to foster hero's not directly allied with the Sept and other clan leadership to help support his cause.

Laithan's outspoken criticisms of the Queen's policies have caused him to be put into the 'bad graces' of the Queen and her allies. His representatives are currently not welcome at the Queen's court. There has been some financial blowback and this is hurting him and his holders and allies. In particular there are infrastructure items that should be paid for out of Clan Fionn general funds, but which Laithan has been forced to pay for himself (aqueduct, mill).

Laithan has been banking a lot on the moderating influence of the Queens Advisor, hoping that Queen Reanna will mature into her duties and responsibilities. Laithan is grooming his niece (name??) to take over the family holdings.

Elder Pendald

Elder and Lands Household
Elder Pendald (M, Ar1/Ex1)

Lands: 35 hexes, Pron Village, Farming, Foresting

Eldest Daughter Subra (F, Ar1)
Clan Fionn Sept Family (Rank #5 Med) Attitude - Neutral

Quote: "If it was that way in my grand-daddies time, its good enough for me." "Get off my lawn!"

Description: Pendald is another gray haired gentleman farmer from the same cloth as Laithan, but he is conservative and stubborn. If anything he dresses more plainly in patched clothing. He is gruff and generally can be unpleasant.

Background: Pendald and his eldest daughter Subra are estranged after the death of her mother. She is currently acting as Reeve(?) of the Vaemyr lands.

Notes: Pendald has recently felt the sting of increased taxes on the rural Clan members.

Elder Vaemyr

Elder and Lands Household
Elder Vaemyr (M, Ar3) Clan Warden, Balif of Ceirin

Lands: 35 hexes, Ceirin Goods Factor

Eldest Daughter Addrin (F, Ar1)
Clan Fionn Sept Family (Rank #2 Strong) Attitude - Sept Supporter




Notes: Vaemyr is a well to do merchant factor who handles sales contracts for much of Clan Fionn imports and exports. His primary properties are warehouses. He is officially the Clan Marshall and Balif of Ceirin for Queen Reanna. Vaemyr is sufficiently diversified not to be impacted too harshly by Queen Reanna's excesses and has used his power to protect his finances.