Angharad Clan Fionn

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Time Period: Circa Burning 82

Angharad Clan Fionn Leadership Summary


Primary Leader of the Clan

Queen's Heir
N/A Two weak adept cousins (of Reanna's mother's deceased brothers). They are as 'air-headed' as Reanna.
Manages Queen's Household

Ensures will of the clan is represented

MERODDA(A1/E1) Merodda is the aged aunt of Queen Reanna.
SALONNA(A1) Salonna is a cousin of Queen Reanna.

Leads clan defenses and city guard.

VAEMYR(A3) Clan Elder Vaemyr is also Baliff of Ceirin.
NYSSA(A1/W2) Nyssa is Elder Donry's daughter
ADDRIN(A1/W2) Addrin is Vaemyr's eldest daughter.
4 (various)

Oversees external relations

N/A(SEOR (B2)) Seor is not from Clan Fionn, but has gained this position through his relationship with the Queen.
DIMNAL (E1) DERCA(E1) MUCHTA (E1) OLLAIG (E1) There are four Heralds who are the primary messengers between Rhan Fionn and Queen Reanna in Tilith. They also serve by delivering official messages to other Clans, etc.

Guides clan's religious needs and growth

KEEDON (C3) Keedon is the High Priest of Rhan Fionn serving at the main temple of Ceirin. Keedon is a priestess of Dana.
GLLUCAN (C3) Gllucan is the elderly priest heading the secondary temple in Ceirin. He is a priest of Lugh.

Clan's advisor on magical matters and guides clan's higher learning.

N/A (SEOR (B2)) Seor is nominally filling thos role.

Organizes tax collection and manages treasury.

SYLLA (E1) Sylla is daughter of Clan Elder ?. Sylla actually just does some accounting and Councilor Merodda is managing the treasury.
4 (A1) The tax collector duties are performed by the son's and daughters of other Clan Elders.

Angharad Clan Fionn Elder Families

Elder Reanna

Elder and Lands Household
Queen Reanna (F, Ar1/So1)

Lands: 50 hexes, Ceirin estate, Ceirin lands, Tilith estate

Aunt Merodda (F, Ar1/Ex1) Clan Councilor

Cousin Salona (F, Ar1) Clan Secretary, courtier
Cousin Mae (F, Ar1/Ad1) Potential heir, courtier
Cousin Myleri (F, Ar1/Ad1) Potential heir, courtier
Cousin (M, Ar1) courtier
Uncle (M, Ar1) courtier
Uncle (M, Ar1) courtier

Clan Fionn Sept Family (Rank #1 Strong) Attitude - Sept Supporter

Queen Reanna Fionn of House Raetha

Quote: "That ball last week was divine! I simply must have those entertainers at my party next week."

Description: Reanna has red hair and green eyes of the Fionn bloodline. She is always dressed in the highest of Tilith fasion. Her expression can pass,quickly from glee to poutiness and due to her beauty many seek to fulfill her every whim.

Background: Reanna is the spoiled daughter of the previous Queen who passed away suddenly last year (Burning 81). She does not have a grasp of the real economics of her Clan and has been spending the treasury unwisely on "important" things like appearances and parties. She does think that she will,be able to win a consort from one of the more powerful Raetha House Clans, but she is actually being led astray people who have influence over her.

Notes: Reanna is being manipulated primarily by the Bard Seor who is her current lover. Seor is goading her on in her spending in order to inconvenience Clan Fionn lenders (who are?). Other Clan member are also interested in the status quo, either by default loyalty to her bloodline, the title, or by other reasons of their own machinations.

Elder Laithan

Elder and Lands Household
Elder Laithan (M, Ar2/Ex1)

Lands: 35 hexes, Ceirin lands, Carumyr Village
Farming, Milling

Niece Eitaen (F, Ar1/Ex1) Laithan's heir A solid non-nonsense personality.
Clan Elder Family (Rank #4 Strong) Attitude - Disgruntled

Elder Laithan Fionn

Quote: "I have a feeling the Clan is in for difficult times."

Description: Laithan is a gray-haired and tough looking older gentleman farmer. He is a veteran of goblin conflicts of the past and you can see some old faded scars on his neck. He dresses conservatively in good quality clothing, which is usually dirty from his hands on approach to managing his lands. He is an excellent manager and Carumyr and the Clan have prospered under his guidance.

Background: Laithan manages the village of Carumyr which has primary mills for Clan Fionn.

Notes: Laithan is leader of the "opposition" and currently out of favor with the Sept. He is looking to make allies and improve the weaknesses he sees with the current Queen's policies.

Laithan knows that trouble is brewing with Queen Reanna and is very concerned that there is no Tanist. He realizes that Queen Reanna wants to wait until a daughter of her own is old enough, but the succession must be secured now... He is planning a 'coup' of sorts in trying to get a candidate of his choice (non-spoiled) selected as Tanist, but the majority of the Clan Fionn Elders are firmly behind the Sept, due to the Prophesy and tradition. Laithan has been seeking to foster hero's not directly allied with the Sept and other clan leadership to help support his cause.

Laithan's outspoken criticisms of the Queen's policies have caused him to be put into the 'bad graces' of the Queen and her allies. His representatives are currently not welcome at the Queen's court. There has been some financial blowback and this is hurting him and his holders and allies. In particular there are infrastructure items that should be paid for out of Clan Fionn general funds, but which Laithan has been forced to pay for himself (aqueduct, mill).

Laithan has been banking a lot on the moderating influence of the Queens Advisor, hoping that Queen Reanna will mature into her duties and responsibilities. Laithan is grooming his niece (name??) to take over the family holdings.