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Nathair (People of the Drake or People of the Snake)

Have tamed forest Drakes.

Acail (People of the Eagle)

Have tamed giant eagles.

Cranndorcha (The Dark Tree)

Have malevolent fey allies.

Gearan (The Fangs)

Have werewolf-like abilities.

The Carraigscrath Picts (The Stone Shadow)

Have Witch/Warlock Class Leaders.

Notes taken from The Barrow by Mark Smylie

"The summit bore a crown of upright stones, ancient menhirs marking a place of fae power, and a pathway of more menhirs, some fallen over or reduced to piles of rock... an outcropping of rock and stone just below the summit... the thin verticle maw of an opening... 'There's always someone watching up here. If it isn't one of the bandit knight descendants of the Wyvern King... it's some of the fucking hill people, waiting to cut your throat and cook you for dinner'... Night battle, ambush and kidnappings, corpses strung up and flayed... the people of these hills do not fight fucking straight.'"

"...the wind whistled past the opening, making it sound like someone was whispering behind her..."

"The stairwell was steep and narrow... more like a ladder made of stone... the ceiling of the stairwell was close enough that she could put her hand against it to help brace her way down."

"...a landing of sorts. Arches were set in the four walks, one being the arch through which they had descended into the room... each Arch was set with human skulls along its entire curved length, each skull marked with an ugly black rune."

"No, the spirits here are long gone... an expedition... had come here... a company of priests and magisters... worked a ritual and driven all the trapped guardian spirits out..."