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The Black Books of Eradain Intro

For many years I kept a little journal wrapped in leather gifted by my spouse. The notebooks were swapped many times, until I started using other methods for my notes and scribbles. They are all lined up nicely twenty in a row. I'm going to post pages for the Black Books of Eradain with notes of old ideas I want to look at again or adopt.

The Black Books (and the Oberon leather cover).

Book One

The War Wagon

A few minutes of an old John Wayne(?) film made me think of this. The rivers of Angtiria are the main highways of the Angharad. Strong ships and men are needed for river going vessels to provide protection, rowing, and hauling, etc. (See Rules: Rivers and Boats). There is one private company with a top rating for security called (name). They travel with several river boats. A barge for cargo, livestock and men. Several longboats for more cargo and men and a barge for an armored carriage (and other baggage). Their services include safe delivery of valuables and guests in fair style. The distinctive wagon, when mounted on the barge will display their company name. A war wagon crew will include a charismatic 5th level fighter with a professional soldiering background.

Tracking Encounter

Attempting to track down (x) before the rains come and they slip away with (y).

Ancient Angharad Script

I have taken images of symbols I wanted to use as runes in Eradain. I will use them as runes of the Ancients and I will incorporate them into my artwork. Which will be fun and may be an excellent prop.