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Player character from the Angharad Campaign (2012).

Warning - Player Character detail pages may contain spoiler information not known to other players.

Nemsey's History (DM Revised)

Your mother is a druid who lives wild in the woodlands of the region. She is called "fey" or "touched by Pan" (The Trickster God of Luck and Chaos among other things) and she has always been different, wild and feral.

You were bone in the woods with only your mother and her animal companion (a big forest cat) in attendance. You still have no idea who your father might have been, and your mother refuses to speak of it ever. Whatever the circumstances, you were also born with a strange birthmark which appears something like a burn mark rather than a discoloration, and it is in the shape of a flame or a lightning bolt or something of the two combined.

Your early upbringing was difficult, as you mother would be gone for days at a time, leaving you in the care of "foster mothers", woodland animals that are her primary friends and companions. When the region was threatened by goblins, for a time your mother took you to live in the village of Carumyr in Rhan Fionn. You know this was a difficult time for your mother as she struggled to adjust to 'normal society' and deal with other humans. She still would disappear for days or even weeks at a time and to a certain extent you followed in your mothers footsteps, preferring the wild woods to village life, and you grew up half-feral yourself. Still the folk of the village looked after you, and you know that Laithan Fionn himself was responsible for some of the clothing and care you received.

Things changed when you grew into puberty and began to show signs of power and you gained the ability to summon the elemental flame. You left Carumyr for a while and lived in the deeper woods north of Rhan Fionn, avoiding most people except for the occasional barter for goods you could not make for yourself. Somehow, one summer solstice holy night your mother found you, bringing with her a scimitar. She was as mysterious as ever, but this time she said "It's from your father. Keep it safe... you will need it someday for good or ill. It's your destiny..." She refused to say another word about it. You spent the rest of that year together, wandering the woods while she gave you additional training in use of the scimitar and your new druidic abilities and she taught you the secret language of the druids.

That was just this last winter, come spring her and her great cat disappeared again. You returned to Carumyr, the only human home you ever knew and you made your way for a time just surviving until you heard about the Fianna Competition and you decided to participate. Now you have made new friends and are feeling more settled and comfortable and connected to the people around you.

Development Entry #1

You pass a week or so of July where not much occurs. During these quiet times, you spend time on the following activities. You spend time with the other party members in Ceirin and back at the Four Winds, training, socializing and seeking information about your family.

Commoners like Nemsey because he is from commoner blood and 'local' even though he is a wild child and spent much time living in the woodlands. Now after winning the Fianna Competition, when going about the Rhan you are occasionally greeted by name by some well-wishers and people will make sure your mug is filled at the tavern.

You attend to your martial training, sparring occasionally with the other party members, and a few times the group attracted attention you Nemsey and Drust spar due to the flashes and sparks given off by your Sparkblade. You also socialize some with the other party members at the Four Winds. When socializing you don't lack for feminine company, some are just sparked to interested in your recent fame, others are attracted by the spark of elemental fire in your eyes.

You take some time to go and speak with some of the older folks at Carumyr to try and find information about your family. You aren't able to find much new information, except one old woman who you remember used to slip you treats and sweets when you were younger and was the closest thing to a close friend your mother had when she lived here. All she can tell you is that she first saw your mother with a babe in arms not long after the summer solstice one year when the moons were full and the air was full of powerful portents and power. She says she remember there was dry lightning that blasted one of the great old oaks that summer night.... Then she breaks off and says, "Of course I don't know exactly what day you was born, but ye got some kind of mark on you boy... Now, how would you like a slice of pie..."

Development Entry #1

Nemsey sought out his mother in her usual haunts in the woodlands north of Rhan Fionn (east of the disputed grazing lands) (color in some territory on the map).

Using ‘speak with animals’, you were able to locate Anwen in a secluded grove, surrounded by various animals of the forest (almost like a queen and her court), was well as her ever-present great forest cat companion.

As usual, her clothing and appearance is disheveled and dirty. Not from filth, but simple neglect. Anwen moves through the wood adjusting a leaf here, a plant there, leaving behind a forest more in balance and harmony, and she doesn’t care about the mud on her feet or the twigs in her hair.

Also as usual, her mind is far away, absorbed in the world around her, and it takes time for her to notice you. When she does she takes you into a fierce embrace, muttering your name over and over. But soon, she wanders off about her tasks, ignoring your words as she has so often done in the past, leaving you frustrated. This time however, a new realization comes, something about the way she is interacting with the animals that follow her about. You cast ‘speak with animals’, and now she understands you and responds to your conversation.

You are in a sort of awe as you consider this. This is something from the stories of the great druids of legends. A little more prompting and experimentation reveals that she can cast something like ‘speak with humans’ and now the two of you can converse better than you have for years (as long as one or the other of you has the magic active).

You travel for a time with her that day, just enjoying being able to speak and learning more from her than you were able to in the past by just observation and her incoherent communication attempts. During the day she speaks at length about the fragile strength of nature, about the balance that is needed, and about times when extremes are needed. She complains about some of the tree cutting that has taken place to the east, but distains going to members of The Circle to deal with it (“They stand between man and the woods, I stand in the woods. If it goes too far it will be dealt with.”).

At some point you ask about lost lore. She eyes you momentarily and says “You have a destiny my son, but there are many paths yet before you…” Her eyes gain a faraway look. “…the path you are on now, you will reach the end, and it may even crumble beneath your feet…” At your puzzled look, she grumbles “Cubs must learn some things on their own, but I will say this. When was the last time you did more than greet the dawn and accept its bounty?” She gazes off somewhere to the north. “Yes, it is your destiny to go there, maybe to face the bloodborn spawn and enter the gray realm, for good or ill… It is too soon. You are not ready yet. But maybe a step on that way will put you on the path…”

You find that both of you have used all of your magic for the day and she seems happy to escape your questions for a while. Her words weigh on your mind the next day as you greet the dawn and Lugh grants his magic to you.

You immediately press her with questions about what she said the day before and for a while she refuses to answer, but finally she looks at you in a more ‘present’ mode than usual, and says, “You may learn more if you are willing to pay the price. You may be granted a vision from the Others, your blood may call to them. If you want it, something will be taken from you, or something may be required of you, or both. For this you cannot know the price before it is paid.”

Nemsey agrees to pay the price and his mother nods saying, “Reckless, but maybe it will be worth it to you.”

You spend the rest of the day following her around as you collect various herbs and substances. At dusk she combines them in a cauldron and when night falls she leads you to a standing stone of the Ancients. Using the brew she marks your face, drawing lines and sigils, and it first burns like fire, then like ice.

As dusk dwindles and the shadows lengthen, she has you drink the remains of the concoction down to the dregs and then lay down on the grass near the stone.

As the shadows fade, instead of becoming darker, the world grows brighter with a strange greenish light that illuminates all in a dim but uniform light. The shadows waver, like air above hot sand. When the moon first touches you everything grows dim and muted, and the stars turn strange in a dark purple sky.

Face from Nemsey's Vision

From a great distance you hear drums, coming closer and closer, than then pipes and music. Vague forms enter the glade around you. Then the animals of your mother’s ‘court’ begin to move, they grow larger and larger, and standing on two legs with cloven feet and paws, they begin to dance around you, the shadowy drummers and pipers still further and indistinct in this odd light.

Suddenly an antlered head and alien face looms into your vision. The face seems excited, eager, hungry in a way that gives you chills…then words enter your mind…


Additional Notes Not Revealed/Used:

Everything fades. When you awake it is dawn. The glade around you trampled in a ring as if by many dancers. Of your mother there is no sign.

The Claw of Imbrol

The Claw of Imbrol is considered a minor artifact. Here are its known powers:

  • Three fingered gauntlet of metal and leather, with a symbol in the palm the color of electrum. The claws are of articulated metal (DC20 Knowledge Planes or Relgion has been revealed – It is a symbol of primordial chaos).
  • Can be used as a spiked gauntlet but causes slashing damage instead of piercing.
  • Bonuses and feats that affect Natural Weapons may also be applied to the Claw as if it was a natural claw attack. Anyone proficient with a natural attack is also proficient with the Claw.
  • For characters with either the Divine Domain of Fire or Destruction the following additional bonuses are granted:
    • Counts as a magical weapon, but has no enhancement bonus.
    • If the wearer has only the Fire Domain, it grants the Destruction Domain powers in addition to any existing Domains.
    • If the wearer has only the Destruction Domain, it grants the Fire Domain powers in addition to any existing Domains.
    • If the wearer already has both Destruction and Fire some other unknown bonuses would apply (only a character with both would be able to find out).
  • Side effect – The wearer’s finger and toe nails will become dark, thick and long.