Player Character: Noctem Saedry

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Noctem Saedry of House Umirelle

Family Background

The Anharad have matrilineal system. That is, the bloodlines (and inheritance and authority that go with them), follow the mother, not the father. As another quirk, the ruling queens must have magical ability in order to hold leadership.

Clans: An Angharad Clan is composed of groups of 10-20 families bound together by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Clan Houses: Multiple Clans (usually 3-10) can gather together based on kinship, vassalage or alliance to form Houses. There are usually four major Clan Houses based on descent from the original four daughters of Prince Sinann (House Tiran, House Raetha, House Runiver and House Umirelle), but there may be other recognized Houses among the Clans.

The Queen of Clan Saedry is also the leader of the House Umirelle alliance, so Clan Saedry is one of the four most powerful families in Angtiria. The symbol of Clan Saedry is a white star shining over a black tower (The Sea Keep).

The Queen is your "Aunt" and you are one of many "Cousins" that reside at Sea Keep (your home fortress/castle). The "cousins" are generally related family members, but may also be fosters from other Clans and are those who have made themselves sufficiently useful to the Clan to be housed at court.

Unless you decide otherwise, you blend into this mob, recognizable as a high blood with privileges, but still somewhat anonymous. Your exact parents and their story is up to you.

The Queen's third daughter Alyna ( who is not in line for the throne because she does not have magical ability), is your closest friend+relative.

She also happens to be high up in the Queen's secret police.

Your other good friend is Hughe Lane, a character of questionable reputation, who also actually works for your cousin Alyna.

Adventure Notes