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House Rules


Alignment within Eradain is almost totally obscured and is not detectable by most means. Players are not required to notate alignment on their character sheets. The following general rules apply:

  • Detect (Alignment) – Does not function except in the case of certain extreme alignments and creatures with powerful Auras. Examples of exceptions would be Clerics with Alignment Domains, certain undead, some outsiders, etc.
  • Protection from (Alignment) – This spell will now generally function as if it read “Protection from Enemies”. Enemies will be loosely based on a Racial/Cultural/Ethnic and Religious basis, subject to DM interpretation.
  • Holy or Unholy – This will be based primarily on a Religious basis. For example, a holy Angharad sword would be an unholy weapon to someone of the Danrae religion.
  • Clerical Aura – Only clerics who have selected one of the Alignment Domains will have a significant Aura.
  • If a class requires a specific alignment, the player’s actions (as judged by the DM) will determine if they are in compliance with the class requirements.
  • Religion - Each of the deities in the pantheons of Eradain have both light and dark aspects and it is part of the internal politics of each religious organization as to which side has dominance over their policies. Certain deities do attract certain types of devotees and you are more likely to encounter an “evil” cleric of a goddess of death than one dedicated to a goddess of love, but even a goddess of love will have a dark side.