Rules: Mass Combat

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Notes taken from "BattleSystem Fantasy Combat Supplement"

  1. Sequence of Play
    1. Initiative Phase
    2. Initial Missile Phase
    3. Movement Phase
    4. Missile and Magic Phase
      1. Magic, Missile, Artillery
    5. Melee Phase
      1. Individual Combat, Unit Combat
    6. End of Round Phase
    • Counters, Scale and Unit Organization
      • Types of Units - Individuals, Regular Units, Skirmishers, Mobs, Special
    • Army Roster Sheets
      • Unit Name, Unit Type, AC, HD, Movement, Attack Rating, Morale Base, Discipline, Saving Throws, Weapons (type and damage), Special Abilities
    • Morale
      • Check Morale immediately when: 25% losses, 50% losses, any losses after suffering 50% losses, losses due to magic, commander loss, contact with Awesome foe, skirmish unit in melee, other
        • Success - no adverse effect. Failure - Closed Formation = Break unit into open formation. Open, Skirmish or Mob Formation = Rout
    • Discipline
    • Command
      • Command Radius, Must have Commander in Command Radius to use Closed Formation, Command can rally Routed units
  1. Initiative Phase
  2. Rally Phase
    1. Limited options first part of Rally, Failure to Rally, unit continue to route.
  3. Movement Phase
    1. Formations - Closed, Open, Skirmish, Mob
      1. Closed - Base to Base, Open - Spaced apart, Mob - Circular/Square mass
      2. Movement - Change Direction (Skirmish units can change direction as part of movement, other units pay a movement cost based on amount of direction change)
      3. Fighting Withdrawal
      4. Forced March
      5. Charge
      6. Routing
  4. Melee Phase