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Portents and Signs

Experimental System - Needs serious enhancement to add mystery and drama and also be useful. Flavor such as, 'the flights of birds', 'murder of crows seen over...', 'the owl hoots thrice', 'the angle of the falling star'. These could be used in a random combination, from a list and re-used. Look at info available about superstitions?

Within Eradain, those attuned to the will of their deity may be receptive to portents and signs of a divine nature. The signs may take any form, from a flight of birds, to the placement of stones, the casting of runes or bones, the way a cloud passes over the sun, even just the hair raising on the back of the neck. Generally priests may look for specific information or guidance only once per play session, but the DM can supply portents or call for portent skill rolls at any time. Skill checks for Portents and Signs generally require skill in either Knowledge (Nature) or Knowledge (Religion).

Considerations for a portent or omen:

  1. Specific or General? - Finding a coin and good fortune are general. A shooting star in the northern sky meaning a visitor will come day after tomorrow is specific.
  2. Omen or Superstition? - Superstition is under individual control (i.e. don't walk under a ladder). Omens are beyond individual control (strange weather, two headed goat, etc.)
  3. Timing? - "Red skies at night, sailor's delight. Red skies at dawn, sailor's take warning."
  4. Who's in Charge -
  5. Is it True - Sometimes its just a coincidence.


Sense Omen/Read Portent/Interpret Vision

Frequency: Purposefully searching for an Omen or Portent - 1/day. DM may grant as many attempts as desired.

Action: Take an action to quickly read a sign. Take an hour to a full day of contemplation (including meditation or research) for complex dream preparation or interpretation. Bonuses may be applied.

Try Again: No


  • Relatively obvious information. Useful for understanding the basic directive or will of a deity. Useful when a player is seeking guidance that would be “known” to the priest.


  • Spot a simple omen
  • Determine the better of two choices.
  • Receive a warning of danger.


  • Spot a "vatic" dream from a normal one, or a real vision from an illusion.


  • Spot a complex omen.
  • Receive a hint about the nature of the worse of two choices.

DC 23

  • Interpret a simple dream.
  • Insight - (once per day) - Experience a momentary glimpse of your future, allowing you to add a bonus (advantage or +5) to a save or to AC. Must be declared before roll.


  • Understand the basic nature of a threat or the consequences of a choice.
  • Interpret a complex dream.
  • Vision Recursion DM event - An even occurs and is played out with tragic consequence. Suddenly everything reverts back to a moment where the consequences can be altered.


  • Receive an insightful or prescient flash of what is to come.