Sun Temple of Lugh - Templeton

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Location: Angtiria Dathi Forest (Region 9) - Sun Temple of Lugh and Templeton


Templeton and the Sun Temple of Lugh

Templeton is a sprawling town with most of its focus on supporting the Sun Temple. The town is filled with trees, parks and gardens. There are numerous inns and taverns for travelers, pilgrims, officials and envoys. Many clans in the region (and beyond) maintain some type of residence in the town (even if it is just an apartment). There is a town mayor and a town guard. There is a central church dedicated to all the gods but Lugh is most prominently featured. Just outside of town is the Temple of Lugh compound itself.

At the entrance to the town is the Shrine of the Blessed Cartis where centuries before the Blessed Cartis sacrificed himself and called a divine intervention from Lugh to defend the ford and the town from a Pictish army. Travelers to Templeton are expected to donate a copper piece and be blessed by the priest there, where they will receive a pewter token. Visitors not wearing this token will receive a negative reaction from most merchants and businesses while in Templeton. The Shrine itself is located on the town side of the ford and is created out of living and cut wood by master craftsman. The pewter badges are updated from time to time and it is expected they will be turned in when leaving the town.

Sun Temple of Lugh

Symbol of Lugh

The Sun Temple of Lugh shines like a beacon across the land. Temple bells ring every dawn to announce the coming of the sun. The calls to morning prayers. "Hail King of Heaven" they shouted as they greeted the sun and dropped to their knees to pray.

The Sun Temple compound is large, almost making a small town in itself. It is walled and features the primary Sun Temple, a large domed cathedral sheathed in copper which has been augmented with gold and a special resin treatment to prevent the dome from becoming soiled and the copper from turning green. The dome shines like a beacon in the sun and Lugh’s aura is palpable here.

There are roughly 300 full time residents here, including the senior member of the Circle and church deacons, lesser priests, novices, lay brethren and servants and the Temple guard. In addition to the Temple are many administrative rooms, residences, dormitories, kitchens, store rooms, meeting halls, libraries, gardens, fountains, forges, armories, guardrooms and stables, all built with stone, cut wood and living wood.

There are large separate areas for the Priests of Lugh, an artificer’s quarter and priest’s quarter. There is a quarter for the Priests of Selene and a section for administration. Somewhere beneath there are the rumored Vaults. Within the Vaults much of the gold donated to the temple is stored along with many unique and dangerous objects.

In addition to the temple’s residents going about their activities, there will be various visitors, petitioners, pilgrims, agents, representatives, scholars and envoys visiting. There will also be other likely residents, other Circle Priests and their escorts, mages & sorcerers doing magical research (item creation) and high ranking smiths and crafters, sprinkled with bards and other entertainers.

Security is loose in most areas with the Sun Temple Guard (who wear burnt orange and black), but security is tight at critical areas, especially the priests quarters (Lugh & Selene) and the Vault and certain parts of administration.

Beyond the Sun Temple compound are the holy groves, maintained by the lesser priests and patrolled by the Temple Guard. Deep in the grove is the Arch Druid’s Hall (residence and meeting place) and finally the Ancient’s great Circle and the Tree of Dathi. The groves are also the residing place of many of the resident’s animal companions and familiars (who also watch and guard the groves).

At the stone circle and tree are where many of the most sacred ceremonies are held by the highest ranking members of the clergy. In particular the incantation for creating Foundry Stones (stored elemental fire magic used to power forges and other industry) is performed here. The aura of power and sanctity of the grove, circle and tree are also palpable here, but less specifically reflecting the power of Lugh than the Sun Temple.

Sun Temple Leadership (Circa Burning 82)

  • Arch Druid of the West - Neal Readda (M, Cl6 Lugh)
    • Archdeacon Maelchan Atheon High Priest of Feylin (M, Dr4/Ra1 Arawn)
    • Archdeacon Colelan Saedry High Priest of Tarin (F, Dr4 Pan)
    • Archdeacon Caislie Melandar High Priest of Tilith (F, Cl4 Dana)
      • Deacon Trethne Moryan (F, Cl3 Luna) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Deachan (M, Dr3 Nature) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Larne Tunaire (F, Cl3 Inanna) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Sethern Vorcyn (F, Dr3 Silvanus) Sun Temple
  • High Druids
    • High Druid Momach (M, Cl5 Lugh) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Sorcha Halewen (M, Cl3 Lugh) Sun Temple/Templeton, Head Artificer
      • Deacon Vesna (F, Dr3 Lugh) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Cetha (F, Cl3 Lugh) Sun Temple
    • High Druid Elvona (F, Cl5 Selene) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Notharen (F, Cl3/So2 Selene) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Cina (F, Cl3/Wi1 Selene) Sun Temple
      • Deacon Maertagh Fionn (M, Cl3/Wi1 Selene) Sun Temple/Ceirin

Lesser Priests/Staff/Residents

  • Lesser Priests
    • Initiates 2nd = 43
    • Initiates 3rd = 21
  • Lay Brethren & Servants
    • Initiates 1st = 160
  • Temple Guard
    • 80
  • Residents (likely to be at the Temple) There will be various visitors, petitioners, agents, representatives, pilgrims, penitents, merchants, scholars and envoys visiting the Temple at any given time.
    • Other high ranking Circle priests, their envoys, escorts and guards
    • Mages or Sorcerers doing research (and magic item creation in partnership with Lugh Artificers)
    • High ranking smith's and crafters (possibly also working with Lugh Artificers)
    • Bards and Entertainers

Total population of Sun Temple approximately 320.